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Dancing Lobster

3739 viziuni
Februarie 2, 2018

Victor Grosu

Arhitect, designer

Despre Proiect

Bucharest, Romania

  Dancing Lobster is a new seafood restaurant with a Portuguese cuisine situated in Bucharest. 

  The deep blue color is the focal point in the design and concept of the interior, creating a strong contrast with the perforated panels throughout the space, similar to how a red lobster appears on the shore of the ocean. 

  Entering the main dining area, an open kitchen has the intention of offering the customers a clear and clean view of the preparation and cooking process. A stroke of warm red that resembles a lobster tail is dividing the space creating a long and central sitting area. 

  The marine inspired aesthetic of the interior is the result of the reflections created by the glossy texture of the walls. In order to complete the Portuguese motif, blue and white azulejo tiles were added, creating a layout on the floor and underlining different sectors.

  Each and every one of the elements combined provides the space with a lively and relaxing atmosphere.